Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Joplin" Kicks Off MVD's "Final 24" April 20

MVD Visual will distribute the complete "Final 24" TV series on DVD, starting April 20, with "Janis Joplin", "Keith Moon", "Gianni Versace" and "Nicole Brown Simpson".

Final 24 is a Cineflix and Nextfilm co-production in association with Global Television (Canada), BIO (US), BSKY (UK) and Discovery Networks (Europe).

"...'Final 24' is a compelling drama documentary series unlocking the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic deaths of global icons. Every episode maps out the final 24 hours of a different famous person's life. The series weaves the star's back-story with events from their last day, which lays bare the threads of fate that led inextricably from childhood to the moment of death. These are no ordinary biographies. They're psychological detective stories attempting to uncover the mystery of why the celebrity died..."

"'Final 24' goes to the very heart of how these celebrities lived - and died," said Nick Godwin, Executive Producer, "Final 24".

June 29 releases include "Sid Vicious", "John Belushi", "Anna Nicole Smith" and "David Koresh". August 24 releases include "River Phoenix", "Marvin Gaye" and "Hunter S. Thompson". October 19 releases include "John F. Kennedy Jr.", "Jim Morrison" and "Tupac Shakur".

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