Friday, March 26, 2010

"Iron Man" Perfume: He Who Smelt It Dealt It

Diesel is making-over their 'Only the Brave' bottle, containing men's fragrance, with a limited edition, clenching metal-clad hand and Diesel logo 'repulsor ray' depicting Marvel Comics "Iron Man", to coincide with the May 7 release of Paramount's upcoming comic book adaptation "Iron Man 2":
In celebration of "the season's most daring, fearless, courageous hero", the scent, complete with top notes of lemon blossom, mandarin, coriander leaves, a heart of labdanum, black rose, lavender and a dry down of amber, tolu/ebony wood is looking to sniff out the fanboys, who want to smell like 'Tony Stark' (aka 'Iron Man'), with a supposedly female-snaring, locker-room stank, similar to best-selling 'Axe'.

The "Iron Man" 2.5-ounce 'eau de toilette' retails for $67.50 and is scheduled to be released mid-April 2010...