Thursday, March 25, 2010

Butch Cassidy Slaps Leather In "Blackthorn"

According to reports, actor Sam Shepard will star in "Blackthorn", a sequel to the Oscar-winning 1969 feature "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", now prepping for an April start in Bolivia.

Shepard will portray real-life killer, bank robber, 'Robert LeRoy Parker' aka 'Butch Cassidy', leader of the Old West, 'Hole in the Wall Gang'.

Oscar winning Spanish film-maker Mateo Gil ("The Sea Inside") has written and will direct the sequel, featuring Cassidy in his later years, committing one last heist.

The original film, starring actor Paul Newman as Cassidy, ended with Cassidy and partner 'The Sundance Kid', gunned down by soldiers, after a botched bank robbery, near St. Vincente, Bolivia in 1908.

"Blackthorn" will reportedly show an older Cassidy who survived the shootout and lived incognito in Bolivia before planning one more, big caper.

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