Saturday, February 13, 2010

"International 3D Society Awards"- February 23

"International 3D Awards" Co-Chair Lenny Lipton reports that eleven 3D categories have been selected for the first annual "I3DS Awards Show" @ the Mann Chinese Theatre, Tuesday, February 23 6pm-8:30pm. on behalf of the International 3D Society .

The Society serves the 3D community with education and recognition for stereoscopic 3D professionals.

"After a century of effort 3D movies are finally here," said Lipton, President of Oculus3D. "The technology now allows moving images to enjoy a creative renaissance as filmmakers and the industry explore the potentials of this long sought after means of creative expression. This first year of awards honors the pioneers who have set a new standard for this nascent medium.

"The first annual International 3D Awards marks a historical milestone in recognizing 3D achievement", said Jim Chabin, president of the nonprofit professional association.

The gold and bronze "Aurora" statuettes, named after the Roman goddess of the dawn are crafted by the R.S. Owens Company of Chicago, manufacturers of the Oscars.

"For those of us who have worked in 3D, it is nice to see peer-recognized awards presented for our colleagues", said Buzz Hays, 3D Society Chairman and Senior Vice President of the Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America.
"For those of us who have worked in 3D, it is nice to see peer-recognized awards presented for our colleagues."

In addition, the Society has partnered with the People's Choice Awards for the Favorite 3D 'Live Action' and 'Animated' Movies.

2010 People's Choice Awards Nominees :


"Avatar" (20th Century Fox)
"The Final Destination" (New Line Cinema)
"G-Force" (Disney/Sony)
"My Bloody Valentine" (Lionsgate)
"X-Games 3D" (Disney/ESPN)


"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (Sony)
"Coraline" (Focus Features)
"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" (20th Century Fox)
"Monsters vs. Aliens" (Paramount/DreamWorks)
"Up" (Disney/Pixar)

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