Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Dutchess Of Mandalore" Does "Clone Wars"

Lucasfilm's "Duchess of Mandalore" is the February 12 episode of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars".

"...'Duchess Satine Kryze' tries to keep the 'Republic' from interfering in 'Mandalorian' affairs after attacks by the 'Death Watch', the splinter group advocating a return to the old warrior ways.

But when Satine herself is attacked and framed, she sets off -- against the better judgment of her 'Jedi' protectors -- to uncover the full breadth of the conspiracy and the faction's true origins.

No longer content to operate from the fringes, the mysterious Mandalorian Death Watch now sets its sights on the Duchess..."

"Satine is struggling with many fires now, and trying to keep them from merging into one large inferno that can't be put out," said actress Anna Graves, the voice of 'Satine' in The Clone Wars.

"Her neutrality in 'The Clone Wars' is such a beautiful cry for love and peace, which throughout history has upset those who idolize power and control."

Sneak Peek "The Duchess Of Mandalore"...