Monday, January 04, 2010

"The Simpsons" #450: "Once Upon A Time In Springfield"

Fox animated TV series "The Simpsons" will air its 450th episode "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" Sunday, January 10.

"Once Upon A Time" will be followed by an hour long documentary from director Morgan "Super Size Me" Spurlock , titled "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice."

Spurlock's film includes interviews with fans from around the world, when a casting call was held July 25, 2009, with hopes of finding "some of the most incredible super-fans that the world has ever seen."

Spurlock also filmed interviews with a man who grew real life 'Tomacco"'(a mix of Tobacco and tomato, based on a "Simpsons" episode), the man with the most "Simpsons" tattoos and a couple that had a "Simpsons"-themed wedding.

Spurlock also filmed several scenes in both Glasgow and Aberdeen, Scotland, as both cities claim to be the real home of school janitor character 'Groundskeeper Willie'.

After 20 years, the same actors continue voicing their roles, including Dan Castellaneta as 'Homer'/'Krusty', Julie Kavner as 'Marge', Nancy Cartwright as 'Bart', Yeardley Smith as 'Lisa'. Hank Azaria as 'Chief Wiggum', 'Comic Book Guy' and 'Apu' and Harry Shearer as 'Mr. Burns', 'Waylon Smithers', 'Ned Flanders', 'Reverend Lovejoy', 'Kent Brockman', 'Dr. Hibbert' and 'Principal Skinner'.

Actress Anne Hathaway guest-stars on "Once Upon A Time", featuring the budding onstage and behind-the-scenes rapport between Krusty (Castellaneta) and his new female sidekick 'Princess Penelope' (Hathaway)...