Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boorman Gets Life From Irish Film & TV Academy

Writer/producer/director John "Point Blank" Boorman, currently working on a remake of his 'King Arthur' film "Excalibur" with director Bryan "Superman Returns" Singer, will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Irish Film & TV Academy during its seventh awards event, February 20.

Although he was born in England, Boorman has Irish roots, chairing the Irish Film Board as well as the National Film Studios (Ardmore Studios).

Beginning with the 1974 action fantasy "Zardoz", starring Sean Connery, Boorman has filmed four of his 19 movies in Ireland, including 2006's "The Tiger's Tail", starring actor Brendan Gleeson, who will host Boorman's program event.

Boorman is also noted for the US feature "Deliverance"...