Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amanda Pays For "The Flash"

"The Flash" was the 1990 US TV series starring John Wesley Shipp as DC Comics 'Scarlet Speedster', co-starring Amanda "Max Headroom" Pays, developed by executive producers Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo for Pet Fly Productions.

Composer Danny Elfman wrote the show’s title theme and Stan Winston Studios created the costume, designed by Robert Short, based on the 'Barry Allen'-era look of the comics.

The' pilot episode started with 'Central City Police' forensic scientist Barry Allen (Shipp) having his crime lab struck by lightning, with Allen's electrified body flung into a cabinet of chemicals. With the help of 'S.T.A.R. Labs' scientist 'Tina McGee' (Pays), Allen discovers the accident changed his body's metabolism, gaining the ability to move at superhuman speed.

To avenge the murder of a motorcycle police officer, Barry demands Tina modify a red S.T.A.R. Labs prototype deep sea diving suit for his costume, designed to withstand tremendous pressures.

Throughout the 22-episode series, 'The Flash' takes on various comic book super-villains including 'Captain Cold' and 'The Trickster'.

A 76-page comic book tie-in based on the TV series was published by DC in 1991 titled "The Flash TV Special" #1, featuring a behind-the-scenes look on the making of the series with photos.

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