Saturday, December 12, 2009

John Barry Plays With "Beat Girl"

"Beat Girl" is the 1959 British indie film about late-fifties youth-rebellion, introducing actress Gillian Hills, who followed up with small roles in "Blowup" and "A Clockwork Orange.

The music was by a 7-piece jazz group led by composer John Barry.

Barry, who would later be revered for his "James Bond" soundtracks, was managing singer Adam Faith at the time. Barry's music for the film became the first movie soundtrack LP to be released in the UK.

"Beat Girl" was released in North America under the title "Wild for Kicks", featuring additional stripper scenes not in the British version, that was banned at the time, as well as additional music not on the soundtrack LP.

Thanks to SneakPeekTV, you can watch the entire "Beat Girl" feature below...