Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Disney Reveals "Epic Mickey"...

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Disney has confirmed the "Epic Mickey" videogame, designed by Warren Spector's Junction Point, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii home console.

The game is targeted for a Fall 2010 release.

Players will control 'Mickey Mouse' as he moves around "...a world devoid of color, painting it back to life..."

Premise revolves around 'forgotten' Disney cartoon characters who were pushed out of the spotlight by Mickey, 'Goofy' and 'Donald Duck'.

Main villain, 'Oswald the Rabbit' looks to unleash the 'Phantom Blot', which uses black ink and melting colours to threaten the Disney universe.

Founded in 2005, staffed by veterans from Ion Storm, Junction Point, noted for creating "Ultima" and "Deus Ex", was purchased by Disney in 2007...