Friday, August 28, 2009

Rob Zombie Gets Into "The Blob"...

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Director Rob "Halloween 2" Zombie will write, direct and produce and R-rated remake of the 1958 science fiction feature "The Blob", targeting a Spring 2010 start.

Zombie will produce alongside Genre Co.'s Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten, original "Blob" producer Jack H. Harris, Judith Parker Harris of Worldwide Entertainment Corp. and Andy Gould. Co-producers are Shara Kay and Jeremy Platt for excutive producer David Mendez.

Saperstein, former Dimension Films president has said the budget will be in the $30 million range.

The original "Blob", starring actor Steve McQueen in his first major role, depicted a giant amoeba-like alien that terrorized the small town of 'Downingtown', Pennsylvania.

The film's theme song "Beware of the Blob", recorded by studio group 'The Five Blobs', was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Sneak Peek the original 1958 trailer for "The Blob" and 'The Five Blobs' performing their hit song "Beware Of The Blob"...