Friday, August 07, 2009

Ridley Scott Sees A "Brave New World"...

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Director Ridley "Blade Runner" Scott has enlisted Universal for his long-gestating adaptation of author Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

Screenplay is being written by Farhad "Apocalypto" Safinia.

"Brave New World" was published in 1932, set in the London of AD 2540, anticipating developments in reproductive technology/sleep-learning that combined to change society. The novel's future society was an embodiment of the ideals that form the basis of 'futurism'.

Huxley's book follows a 26th century society that has banned natural birth and creates people in test tubes, with everyone assigned to a 'caste'. 'Alpha' and 'Epsilon' types are assigned 'tasks', with Alphas as the most intelligent.

The book also introduced the world to the tranquilizer 'soma'.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio said he is interested in playing the role of protagonist 'Bernard' who falls in love with a woman outside his caste and causes controversy when he agrees to help her bring a 'savage' ordinary man back into society...