Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hamilton Stakes Out "Batrimony: Love At Second Bite"...

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Actor George "Too Cool For Christmas" Hamilton continues to develop a sequel to the Stan Dragoti-directed 1979 comedy feature "Love At First Bite".

Produced by Hamilton, the new film will be titled "Batrimony: Love At Second Bite".

In the original film, based on a screenplay by Robert Kaufman, using public domain characters originated by author Bram Stoker, Hamilton starred as 'Count Vlad Dracula', alongside actors Susan "McMillan & Wife" Saint James, Richard "Westworld" Benjamin, Dick "The Producers" Shawn and Arte "Laugh-In" Johnson.

Dragoti's "First Bite" followed vampire Count Dracula (Hamilton), forced to move out of his castle by the Communist government of Romania to New York City.

With bug-eating assistant Renfield (Johnson) at his side, Dracula establishes himself in a hotel, after a mix-up at the airport sends his coffin to a church in Harlem.

Dracula pursues fashion model 'Cindy Sondheim' (Saint James), while hunted down by Sondheim's psychiatrist/boyfriend 'Jeffrey Rosenberg' (Benjamin), grandson of Dracula's nemesis 'Fritz van Helsing' and NYPD 'Lieutenant Ferguson' (Shawn) after a string of blood-banks are robbed.

Sneak Peek a clip from "Love At First Bite"...