Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silly Rabbit: Spielberg Hops Onto "Harvey"...

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Director Steven Spielberg will helm a new adaptation of playwright Mary Chase' "Harvey", about a schizophrenic man and his relationship with an invisible rabbit.

The play won a Pulitzer Prize in 1944 and was adapted for the screen in 1950, starring actor James Stewart as 'Elwood P. Dowd', whose best friend is a 'pookah', a creature from Celtic mythology that can assume shapes and plays games with human ideas about reality.

Novelist Jonathan "Everything Changes" Tropper will write the new screenplay.

Spielberg's Dreamworks will partner with Fox 2000, which acquired the rights to "Harvey" in 2008.

"DreamWorks has experienced a creative and profitable relationship with 20th Century Fox in the past, and I look forward to renewing that time together," said Spielberg, who previously worked with the studio in 2002 with "Minority Report".

Filming of "Harvey" will start in 2010.

Sneak Peek James Stewart in "Harvey"...