Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sneak Peek "Sherlock Holmes"...

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Sneak Peek the new HD trailer supporting "Sherlock Holmes", the latest film adaptation of author Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective character, directed by Guy "Snatch" Ritchie, produced by Joel "Lethal Weapon" Silver, Lionel Wigram, Susan Downey and Dan Lin.

Screenplay is by Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg, based on an original story by Wigram incorporating Doyle's public domain characters.

Actor Robert Downey, Jr. portrays Holmes and Jude Law, his associate 'Dr. John Watson', with Canadian actress Rachel McAdams as love interest 'Irene Adler'.

Set in 1891, the film revolves around Holmes and Watson as they try to stop a conspiracy that could destroy Britain, opening with Holmes apprehending cult leader 'Lord Blackwood' (Mark Strong), who promises he will return from the dead and exact his revenge, while being led to the gallows.

"...In a dynamic new portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous characters, 'Sherlock Holmes' sends Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson on their latest challenge. Revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect, Holmes will battle as never before to bring down a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the country..."

"Sherlock Holmes" opens December 25...