Friday, February 13, 2009

"OzFlix: Australian Film Weekend"- Feb 13-16...

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Toronto's 4th annual OzFlix: Australian Film Weekend runs February 13 to the 16th, sponsored by Tourism Australia.

"...Australia is a country that values a 'fair go', the great outdoors and a healthy helping of irony. With landscapes that range from foreboding to romantic to sublime, this country with its small population of 21 million has produced an impressive amount of current day movie stars. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Heath Ledger and Russell Crowe, are just a few and at OzFlix, Torontonians have the chance to discover the next Cate Blanchett..."

Opening Night film "Black Balloon" won 6 Australian Film Awards, with an ensemble cast led by Toni Collette.

Closing Night film is "In Her Skin", a thriller starring Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto, Sam Neill and Ruth Bradley.

Feature screenings include romantic comedy "All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane", "Cactus" a road-movie starring Bryan Brown and "Three Blind Mice", a psychological drama about 3 naval officers on shore leave.

'The Bold, The Brave, The Best' program will screen Australian cartoons over the last 50 years, curated by Oscar-nominated animator Anthony Lucas.

Bad Boys', a short film program includes Cannes and Sundance films.

Docs include "Paper Dolls", taking a look at the role of Australian pin-up girls during WWII, "The Oasis" filmed in Sydney, following the founder of a shelter, "Solo", about a kayaker who crossing waters between Australia and New Zealand and "Not Quite Hollywood", celebrating Aussie genre cinema of the 1970's and 1980's.

Ozflix Opening Night screening is @ Toronto's Royal Cinema, with other screenings @ the Royal Ontario Museum, Signy and Cleophee Eaton Theatre...