Sunday, January 04, 2009

IBM Turning Onto Games Market..

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David Laux, global exec in charge of games/interactive entertainment, IBM would like to leverage 'Big Blue' products by developing video games.

According to the Electronic Software Association, 65% of North American households play computer/video games and that 63% of parents believe games are a positive part of their children's lives.

"We have found across the board, if you look at different categories of games, they all have the ability to develop unique skills," said Laux.

"From the casual games which improve memorization and the ability to discern details, to console games, shooter games that develop rapid decision making, to role playing games like 'World of Warcraft' that are very unique in producing leadership are learning hard skills like business skills but also soft skills like how to interact with people, to communicate effectively, to articulate quickly and make rapid decisions."

"'World Of Warcraft' produces tremendous leadership skills among players," Laux said about the online game with 11.5 million users.

"It teaches you how to evaluate risk, build teams for specific tasks and teaches individuals not to over react if they are not selected for a specific task..."