Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cineplex Screening Stratford's "Cleopatra"...

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A 2008 live Stratford Shakespeare Festival production of "Caesar and Cleopatra", starring actor Christopher Plummer was filmed over three days in association with Bravo!.

The HD film will be screened by Cineplex in 80 cinemas across Canada, January 31.

Actress Nikki M. James plays Cleopatra, in a love story set more than 2,000 years ago, written by author George Bernard Shaw.

"...Christopher Plummer returns to the Stratford stage to take on the role of 'Julius Caesar' in George Bernard Shaw’s delightfully witty and seductive comedy "Caesar and Cleopatra", directed by the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s artistic director, Des McAnuff.

Nikki M. James plays the enchanting 'Cleopatra', a teenage queen who welcomes the mentorship of the veteran political strategist who now occupies her country. Their first encounter under a desert moon will lead to a shift in the course of history, as Cleopatra gradually overcomes her timidity to become a determined player in the game of power politics.

Mr. Plummer and Ms James lead a stellar cast, also featuring Diane D’Aquila as 'Ftatateeta', Peter Donaldson as 'Rufio', Timothy D. Stickney as 'Pothinus', Steven Sutcliffe as 'Britannus', and John Vickery as 'Lucius Septimius'..."