Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Howard The Duck": Trapped In A World He Never Made...

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The Marvel/George Lucas team-up "Howard the Duck" will be available on DVD March 10th.

The original character, physically inspired by 'Donald Duck', was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik, debuting in Marvel Comics' "Adventure into Fear" #19 (Dec. 1973), with several subsequent series chronicling the misadventures of a cranky, 'funny animal' trapped in the world of humans.

The character's origins begin with 'Howard' abducted from his native planet , then dropped into the Florida Everglades by demonic 'Thog the Overmaster' of the realm 'Sominus'.

After meeting up with 'Man-Thing', 'Korrek the Barbarian', 'Dakimh the Enchanter' and 'Jennifer Kale', Howard falls off a set of inter-dimensional stepping stones and materializes in Cleveland, Ohio, to do battle with 'Garko the Man-Frog', Arrested for disturbing the peace, Howard is mistaken for a mutant during a strip search and released from custody by a fearful officer. Howard then encounters vampiric 'Bessie the Hellcow', artists' model 'Beverly Switzler', 'Pro-Rata', 'Spider-Man', 'Turnip-Man' and the 'Kidney Lady'.

Honing his skill in the martial arts 'Quack Fu', Howard takes on 'Winky Man' and becomes a wrestler, hitting the road with Beverely and seeking shelter in a mansion where he fights 'Gingerbread Man'. Winding up in New York City, Howard is nominated for US president by the 'All-Night Party'.

Howard then fights the 'Band of the Bland', with 'Dr. Angst', 'Sitting Bullseye', 'Tillie the Hun', the 'Spanker' and 'Black Hole', alongside 'The Defenders'.

Upon his release, aboard a therapeutic cruise ship returning from 'Bagmom', Howard and Beverly are taken captive by 'Lester Verde', aka 'Doctor Bong, who marries Beverly and transforms Howard into a human.

After fleeing to New York, restored to his natural form, Howard is hired as a dishwasher by Beverly's 'Uncle Lee', but has to battle 'Sudd' 'Soofi', and 'Bzzk'Joh'. Attending a party on Long Island, he is abducted by the 'Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime'.

'Lee Switzler' brings Howard back to Cleveland and employs him as a cab driver. Howard then dons a suit of 'Iron Duck' armor and fights 'Morton Erg', 'Gopher' and 'Dracula'. Mistaken for 'Duck Drake, Private Eye', Howard meets 'CeCe Ryder', while 'She-Hulk' pulls him though a cosmic wormhole . Howard then meets the 'Critic' and travels to the 'Baloneyverse' to battle 'Dr. Angst'.

Trying to return Howard to his own Universe, sorceress Jennifer Kale inadvertently teleports 'Devil Dinosaur' and 'Moon Boy' into her New York apartment, where the disoriented dinosaur attempts to eat Howard, but spits him out when shot by a hellfire gun from 'John Blaze' aka 'The Ghost Rider'..