Monday, December 22, 2008

Gandolfini Is "In The Loop"...

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"...From Armando Iannucci and the makers of the BAFTA award-winning British political comedy, "The Thick Of It" comes a fast and extremely furious film about Britain and America’s special relationship in the lead up to a war no-one seems to be able to stop. A film about people who may be in power but discover they can’t wield it.

Using a vérité style, and a fiercely funny script enhanced by strategic improvisation, we present in detail the jaw-dropping inside truth of how Washington and London politics actually works: A comedy about a group of people in power finding out their entire careers are on the line - and can only be saved if they get themselves in the loop.

The top comedy writing team in the UK has been assembled to dissect the heart of Western power politics. With an ensemble cast of British and American talent, "In The Loop" promises to be the grown-up film comedy event of the year. Forget "The West Wing": "In The Loop" will show the corridors of power to be badly signposted, and even more badly decorated..."