Thursday, December 04, 2008

Virtual Images Target "Punisher: War Zone"...

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Virtual Images unique two-piece movie poster displays, utilize lenticular technology to create an impressive, deep 3-D image of the "Punisher", the vigilante anti-hero of the latest installment of Marvel comics' Montreal-shot action franchise, opening December 5.

The backlit black-and-white movie poster features 'Frank Castle', the movie's iconic character toting guns to match his vigilante-hero attitude. The 3-D poster is accompanied by a reflective lenticular 3-D frame of guns that borders the display, adding to the poster's depth.

Produced by Virtual Images, an IGH Solutions Company, the poster-sized displays utilize a unique lenticular process that produces images of depth and clarity.

"This is a new way to use lenticular design," Virtual Images said.

"The marketers of 'Punisher: War Zone' wanted to utilize lenticular's 3-D effects to capture the attention of movie-goers and fans nationwide. They knew this was the best format to garner attention and recognition for the movie opening...."