Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pass The Time With "Chronos"...

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"Chronos" is a 1985 abstract film directed by Ron Fricke, created with custom-built time-lapse cameras.

Originally released in IMAX theaters, it is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

At 45 minutes long, Chronos has no actors or dialog, f
ilmed in dozens of locations on five continents, relating to the concept of time passing on different scales,covering the history of civilization, from pre-history, Egypt, Rome, Late Antiquity, the rise of Western Europe in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and onto the modern era.

Other time scales include the passing of seasons, night and day, shadows of the sun in an afternoon to the passing of people on the street.

Special camera mechanics and rigging were built to handle the shots, with composer
Michael Stearns soundtrack, using a 12-foot custom-made extruded aluminum instrument called 'The Beam' to generate sounds...