Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lionsgate Gets Graphic With Bluewater...

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Bluewater Productions will develop a line of comic books based on the newly-branded Lionsgate Trimark horror film 'franchises' "Warlock" and "Leprechaun".

"Warlock" will be written by Nick Lyons, art by Jacob Bear and alternate covers by Matt Bellisle.

"...'The Warlock' is on a mission to destroy a book that contains a spell which imprisoned six other Warlocks. If the book manages to be destroyed, the dangerous Warlocks would be released back into the world free to cause chaos and destruction. It's up to a rag-tag group of people to prevent the Warlock from carrying out his plan..."

"Leprechaun" will be written by Zach Hunchar, art by Kris Carter. Michael Kingston will write the series' second arc.

"...This is the tale of 'Lubdan', the king and sole survivor of the 'Leprechaun'. The last of the Leprechauns! A treasure dealer stumbles across his pot of gold and steals it. In this modern age, he finds buyers all over the planet through on-line auctions. Lubdan finds the thief after the gold is shipped to humans across the globe. Unbeknownst to Lubdan, the 'Cluracan', a war-like race intent on genocide, helped the human find the gold. A new curse is discovered that weakens Lubdan while he is not in possession of the gold and will eventually kill him if he does not recover them all in enough time. He quickly realizes he cannot locate the gold without help. The treasure dealer's last sale was to a computer expert, who agrees to help Lubdan, in exchange for his life. Together, they race against time to learn of the gold's locations. Lubdan's quest takes him all over the planet, across time and space. Battling greed, the genocidal Cluracan and new mystical adversaries, Lubdan must save all life to save himself..."