Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Framelight: "Dead World", "Renfield", "Sins Of The Fallen"...

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Framelight Productions, started by Jeffrey D. Erb and Robert L. Robinson, has announced plans to produce six to eight films over the next five years in the $20 to $100 million range, based on comic book properties.

The first properties optioned include "Deadworld", published by Caliber Press and Image Comics, created by Gary Reed; "Renfield", published by Image Comics and created by Reed; "1001 Arabian Nights" and "Sins Of The Fallen", both published by Zenescope, created by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco; "Kill Zone", to be published by Zenescope in 2009 and created by Robinson; and "Dr. Deth With Kip And Muffy", published by Marvel Comics, created by Larry Hama.

"Our focus is to work in partnership with the creators, in ways Hollywood has rarely ever done," Robinson said.

<"The film 'Sin City' was a great example of the power and intelligence of having the creator as your partner and that's the model we want to follow." "I'm excited about the focus," Erb said. "The type of stories and characters we went after weave strong mythologies that audiences dive into head first and which creative talent love to bring to life, both in front of and behind the camera." "Deadworld has a big story and one that will play out well on screen," Reed said. "It's funny that after all this time, Deadworld has renewed life with the role playing game, masks, t-shirts, and now the film. Deadworld is much more than a zombie chase concept and it's encouraging to see how Bob and Jeff get what it's about. "Dr. Deth seems to be a 10-year-old boy who wanders a post-apocalyptic New Jersey on a motorcycle accompanied by two buxom babes named Kip and Muffy," Hama said. "They are armed with a variety of automatic weapons which they employ to blow apart hordes of mutants and other irradiated monstrosities that cross their path. Although symbolism could be read into the concept, it is simply a violent fantasy that should make for a fun movie..."