Thursday, August 14, 2008

Depp Preps "Rex Mundi"...

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According to reports, a first screenplay has been completed, adapting the Dark Horse comic book series "Rex Mundi" for actor Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company, starring Depp as 'Dr. Julien Sauniere'.

"Rex Mundi" is set in a 1930's world where the Reformation never took place, the Catholic Church still reigns supreme, inquisitions run rampant and real magic exists, with Sauniere investigating the disappearance of a medieval scroll.

Screenplay is by Jim Uhls.

"The second draft is now coming in from Jim," said co-producer Barry Levine.

"Warner Bros. is pretty excited about it. They came up with a couple of names for directors, so now we just need Johnny to look at the list. It all begins and ends with Johnny..."