Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Control Alt Delete" @ TIFF 2008...

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A film by Cameron Labine
World Premiere – Toronto International Film Festival

Wed Sept 10 – 9:00pm – AMC 6
Fri Sept 12 – 3:00pm – AMC 10

Dramatic feature film

HDCAM – colour

93 minutes

Writer/Director – Cameron Labine (debut feature)
Producer – Lynne Stopkewich
Producer - Stephanie Symns

Tyler Labine
Sonja Bennett
Alisen Down
Geoff Gustafson
Keith Dallas
Laura Bertram
Kevin James
Bro Gilbert
Jonathan Young
Carrie Rushceinsky

"...It’s 1999 and loveable computer geek Lewis Henderson is dumped by his long time girlfriend Sarah. So he does what any young urban slacker would: work less and beat off more to Internet porn. But with the added pressures of his buggy Y2K software and repeated romantic rejection, Lewis discovers that the website images no longer turn him on… and thus begins his strangely satisfying sexual relationship with the machine itself. But all honeymoons must end and Lewis’s eye starts to wander from his dependable home desktop. His desire for newer, sexier models grows until he finds himself copulating with co-worker’s CPUs. When his boss, Angela, vows to identify the “computer rapist”, Lewis tries to throw off suspicion by dating the company’s mousey receptionist, Jane. But there’s more to Jane than meets the eye – with the new millennium fast approaching and a massive motherboard calling, it seems he has to choose between his freaky fetish and the tougher challenge of real love.

Or does he..."?