Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Must Be The Season Of The "Witchblade"...

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Platinum Studios, Top Cow Productions and Arclight Films are teaming up to bring Top Cow's Witchblade to the big screen.

Witchblade is a comic book series from Top Cow Productions (imprint of Image Comics) publishing from 1995 to the present, created by Top Cow editors Silvestri/David Wohl, writers Brian Haberlin, Christina Z and artist Michael Turner.

The series follows 'Sara Pezzini', an NYPD detective who comes into possession of the 'Witchblade', a supernatural, sentient artifact that gives its wearer either destructive or protective powers.

According to the original story, the weapon has bonded with various women throughout history, the most recent being 'Danielle Baptiste'. Others who have come into contact with the artifact include 'Cleopatra' and 'Joan of Arc'.

There have been many spin-off titles, which place the Witchblade in other times and settings. The character of Sara Pezzini was also featured in crossovers with characters from other franchises, including Lara Croft, JLA, Wolverine, and the cast of Battle of the Planets.

Witchblade was adapted into a live-action, Toronto-shot TV series in 2001-2002, starring actress Yancy Butler.

The title was also adapted into an anime and manga series in 2004, set in a futuristic Japan...