Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Smallville: Arctic" - Season Finale May 15...

The Season 7 finale of the Vancouver-lensed TV series Smallville, titled Arctic, written by Don Whitehead/Holly Henderson and directed by Todd Slavkin, will air Thursday, May 15 over the CW.

Premise of the episode follows 'Kara' (Laura Vandervoort) who tells 'Lex' (Michael Rosenbaum) he is destined to defeat the 'Traveler' and offers to take him to the 'Fortress' to learn how.

Meanwhile 'Clark' (Tom Welling) is stunned that Kara would inform Lex, but it is revealed that 'Brainiac' is impersonating Kara, who is trapped in the 'Phantom Zone'.

Meanwhile 'Chloe' is arrested by the 'Department of Domestic Security', 'Lana' awakens from her comatose state and Clark and Lex face off in the Fortress, with Lex finally learning Clark's 'secret'...