Thursday, May 15, 2008

"INK: Alter Egos Exposed" - June 6...

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"INK: Alter Egos Exposed", hosted by Hugh Dillon is a new, 10 part documentary TV series that explores and celebrates comic books and comic book culture, airing exclusively on IFC Fridays @ 8 p.m. ET beginning June 6.

"...Sometimes irreverent, often stimulating and always highly stylized, INK: Alter Egos Exposed challenges viewers to learn more about themselves through the fictional heroes they love to read about and have come to worship. Speaking to some of the most influential comic book creators such as comic legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Joe Kubert, writers, experts and illustrators in the industry today, INK: Alter Egos Exposed takes a mature look at the medium through themes such as, Heroes, Social Relevance, Politics, and Villains..."

“From the movies to some of the biggest fashion trends comic book heroes have found a predominate place in pop culture. INK: Alter Egos Exposed not only presents an in-depth look at the whole comic book industry but takes viewers below the surface into the underlying issues and themes that pop up on the pages,” said Michael Kot, VP Factual Content, Canwest Broadcasting.

“Whether it is examining how the early years of comic books were censored, investigating what it means when a Super hero’s uniform is based on his country’s flag or how comic books help with the problem of global warming, INK: Alter Egos Exposed covers all the bases of the often fantasised world of comics. We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce IFC viewers to this Canadian series.”

Each half hour episode will focus on a different topic or theme, with the first episode examining what 'superheroes' symbolize and how their perception has evolved over the years.

Other topics the series will examine are Gender and Relationships, Evolution of Comics, Death and Resurrection, Creators, Genres and Alternative Press.

"INK: Alter Egos Exposed" is produced by Summerhill Entertainment Inc.