Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A&E : "The Andromeda Strain" - May 26-27...

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From Executive Producers Ridley "Blade Runner" Scott and Tony "Top Gun" Scott, comes a new TV miniseries remake of "The Andromeda Strain", a four-hour original A&E television event debuting in High Definition, Monday, May 26 from 9-11 PM ET/PT and Tuesday, May 27 from 9-11 PM ET/PT.
Based on the best-selling novel by author Michael "Jurassic Park" Crichton, the mini stars actors Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack, Ricky Schroder, Andre Braugher, Christa Miller, Daniel Dae Kim and Viola Davis.
In the new version, a U.S. military satellite crashes in a small town and unleashes a deadly plague killing all but two survivors. As the military quarantines the area, a team of specialized scientists is assembled to find a cure to the pathogen code-named 'Andromeda', while a reporter investigates a ruthlesss government conspiracy.
"The Andromeda Strain" is produced by Scott Free Productions and Traveler’s Rest Films in association with Universal Pictures for A&E Network. Executive producers are Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and David W. Zucker for Scott Free and Tom Thayer for Traveler’s Rest Films. Mikael Salomon is director and co-executive producer and the screenplay is written by Robert Schenkkan.
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