Monday, April 21, 2008

Bloodgood Gears Up For "Terminator Salvation"

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Actress Moon Bloodgood, star of NBC's "Journeyman," will play the female lead in the fourth installment of the "Terminator" movie series.

Bloodgood joins Christian "Batman" Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin in "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins," set for a summer 2009 release from Warner Bros.

Bloodgood will play a battle-hardened member of the resistance and survivor of a nuclear war.

Principal photography is set to begin May 5, directed by McG of "Charlie's Angels" fame...

Following "Salvation", producers are looking at a 'revised' storyline leading into two additional films.

Actor Arnold Shwarzenegger appeared in three previous "Terminator" films.

"We've left it open for him to maybe do a cameo", said "Salvation" executive producer Moritz Borman.