Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Bruno": Delicious Journeys Through America...

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is back filming his next feature in the US as flamboyant Austrian TV presenter Bruno.

With his film crew taping, Cohen surprised people at a Wichita, Kansas airport last week by stripping down and dancing in a bare-midriff belly shirt with hotpants. Airport security became concerned especially when the Bruno character began to kiss other passengers.

Airport officials are now rewriting their policy on commercial filming — they had granted permission to a film crew for a movie about a 'European man' visiting America.

Bruno and company also reportedly disrupted an Easter play at a Kansas church by turning up in chains.

The Cambridge-educated London-born comedian whose film Borat documented the exploits of a 'Khazakstani' journalist as he travels across America in search of Pamela Anderson, had the highest grossing adult- rated feature of 2006, with a box office of $125 million.

Universal studios paid more than $42 million US for the rights to Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America...