Thursday, February 07, 2008

Producer Declares "M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War"...

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According to internet reports, Evan Baily, producer of the new animated DVD feature "Turok: Son of Stone"' and screenwriter Tony Bedard, said there could be a live-action "Turok" film in development, depending on the strength of "Turok" sales.

Classic Media also controls film rights to many other 'silver age' Dell and Gold Key comic book properties including "Magnus Robot Fighter" and "Doctor Solar Man of the

But "M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War", is the 1960's Gold Key comic book series that most intrigues Baily.

"It's so awesome. It is unbelievable," Baily told Comics 2 Film.

"America is under attack and the President gets on the phone to the Kremlin to say 'Hey call your amphibious landing vehicles back and call your soldiers back or we're going to launch the missiles!' and the Kremlin says, 'We're under attack too...And so is China. And so is everybody else. This super-disciplined, high-tech army is invading everybody and nobody knows where they're coming from. It has this sort of paranoid tone that feels more like 'Lost' or '24' than it feels like something from its era. It's really amazing."

"It always comes down to finding the right array of the creative team, and the studio that gets the vision and believes in it..."