Wednesday, December 26, 2007

damnfx: King Of All Dragons...

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Montreal ’s damnfx has created the cover image for the December 2007 "National Geographic Magazine", devoted to the topic of 'bizarre dinosaurs'.

damnfx' previous work for NG included images for the December 2005 issue and ten minutes of animation for the IMAX 3D stereoscopic "Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure".

The 'dracorex hogwartsia' is also known as the 'King Of All Dragons'.

To reconstruct the dinosaur, damnfx creative director Mark Dubeau relied on photographic material of dracorex fossils, Maya 3D software/Z-Brush to generate 3D geometry and Photoshop/Mental Ray to shade/render the final image.

"We always wanted our dino mentioned in National Geographic. We never dreamed it would make the cover and with such a great rendition", said Bruce Buckheimer, the paleontologist who discovered the new species.

'damnfx', located in Montreal is devoted to creating high-end digital imagery for film, television and commercials. The studio currently houses a team of over 80 artists and industry professionals, and its client/credit list includes Microsoft/Bungie, Sony Pictures, France 2, Marathon , BBC, Discovery Communications, National Geographic Society, Cirque du Soleil, TVA, Cossette Communication and Galafilm...