Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bruckheimer Builds 'Incubation Studio' With MTV...

MTV Games, a division of Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks has announced an exclusive deal with motion picture/television producer Jerry Bruckheimer to develop and create new and original video games, marking his first official foray into the gaming world.

As part of this agreement, Bruckheimer will build a 'game incubation studio' with MTV Games, where a team will deliver new game concepts and intellectual property.

"Video games represent a new and innovative medium for what we've always tried to do, which is to tell great stories," said Bruckheimer.

"But this medium is unique in that it gives the player control over how those stories unfold".

Execs from both MTV Games and Bruckheimer's gaming studio will work together on all phases of development, from concept to platform, as well as production, distribution and marketing elements, with the potential that some of game concepts migrating to other media including film/TV.

MTV Networks will support the venture across its broadcast and digital platforms including CMT, MTV, Spike and VH1.

Gaming is a focal point of MTV Networks' overall vertical entertainment strategy of 'super-serving' its audiences with experiences across multiple platforms.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Television have won six Oscars, 16 Emmys, five Grammys and four Golden Globes...