Friday, November 02, 2007

Son Of Michael Knight...

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NBC has signed actor Justin "All My Children" Bruening to star in the new "Knight Rider" 'backdoor' TV pilot, based on the 1982 series about a crimefighter and his talking Trans Am.

In the pilot, KITT will be able to morph like a 'Tranformers' autobot.

Produced by Doug "Bourne Identity" Liman, the new "Knight Rider" will feature Bruening as the son of 'Michael Knight'.

Knight, aka 'Michael Long', was an undercover cop given a new face and identity by the Foundation for Law and Government.

Named Michael Knight, after the billionaire financier behind the clandestine 'FLAG' organization, Knight would drive evil-doers crazy, road-raging weekly down the middle of the road with his weaponized 'Knight Industries Two Thousand', aka 'KITT' car in tow.