Friday, November 09, 2007

Gans Fights For "Onimusha"...

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As studios ramp up productions before the Screen Actors Guild contract expires July 1, 2008, director Christophe "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" Gans will adapt Capcom video game "Onimusha' as a feature, for an April 2008 start.

The game debuted in 2001 on PlayStation 2 with 4 sequels produced, including the 2006 release "Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams".

"Onimusha" the film will be set in feudal Japan, 1582, with warlord 'Nobunaga' ambushed by ninjas, led by samurai 'Samanosuke'.

Nobunaga commits 'seppuku' but two sorcerers reanimate his corpse with half-human insect larvae. Resurrected, Nobunaga orders the capture of two women,
'Britta', daughter of a Dutch merchant and 'Princess Yuki'. Britta's lover Jacob discovers in the 'Cave of Elders', a magic sword and learns of a ceremony at 'Inabayama Castle' to blot out the sun. Invading the castle, Samanosuke and Jacob find the women dressed as 'Moon Princess' and 'Daughter of the Sun', ready to be wed to Nobunaga.

The two warriors attack the insectoid hordes, but Samanosuke falls and in a
'mystical' encounter, is given the option to survive...but at a cost.