Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lion-O Claws His Way To The Big Screen...

Adult Superhero Costumes

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Video game creative Jerry O'Flaherty will direct Warners CG "Thundercats" movie, adapting the 1980's animated TV series/toy line.

The origin story will focus on young 'Lion-O' coming of age as the leader of a group of humanoid cats including 'Tygra', 'Panthro' and 'Cheetara'. Escaping from the planet 'Thundera' before its destruction, the felines crash-land on 'Third Earth' to wage battle against evil sorceror 'Mumm-Ra'.

Paula "Blood Diamond" Weinstein will produce through her Spring Creek Prods., with Dick Robertson and Lew Korman.

"Thundercats" debuted in 1983, spawning several animated series, LJN toys and comic books published by both Marvel and DC. Warner Bros. acquired the property after purchasing Telepictures Corp. in 1989.