Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wolf Blasts "Johnny Dynamite"...

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"Johnny Dynamite", the Dark Horse comic book series created by writer Max Collins of "Road To Perdition" fame and artist Terry Beatty, will be adapted into a TV film by Emmy Award winning producer Dick "Law and Order" Wolf and director D. J. "Disturbia" Caruso.

Teleplay by J. H. Wyman will follow ex-cop 'Dynamite' in Las Vegas, searching for his missing girlfriend while encountering lost souls who have been 'touched' by the devil.

The show will use 'green-screen' technology to re-create the distinctive style of Beatty's original story art.

Creator Max Collins will serve as co-executive producer with Jason Netter amd Ken Levin for Wolf Films and Kickstart Productions in association with Universal Media Studios.