Monday, October 29, 2007

Green Light For DC's "Green Lantern"...

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Greg Berlanti will write and direct a live-action Warners feature based on DC Comics' "Green Lantern". o-writers are Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green for producers Donald De Line and Andrew Haas.

Guggenheim scripted Marvel Comics titles "Amazing Spider-Man," "Wolverine" and "Blade." Green is co-executive producer, NBC's "Heroes" and writer/producer, CW's "Smallville."

Created for DC Comics in the 1940's, the 'Green Lantern' character derives his super-abilities from the use of a green ring that can transmute green energy into physical matter.

The first Green Lantern, 'Alan Wellington Scott', debuted in "All-American Comics" #16 (July 1940). The character rides in a train when a sabotaged bridge causes a derailment, but saves himself by hanging onto a green metal lantern that 'speaks' to him, revealed as a 'Starheart' meteor that crashed into China, then forged into a green lantern by 'Chang'.

The lantern orders Scott to fashion a ring from its metal, then touch the ring to the lantern.
Obeying the lantern, Scott gains magical powers, creates a vigilante costume and calls himself 'Green Lantern', with the ability to change green-tinted energy into solid shapes defying gravity.

The second Green Lantern, 'Hal Jordan', debuted in DC Comics' "Showcase" #22 (October 1959), working as a test pilot in 'Coast City' when dying alien 'Abin Sur' begs him to wear his 'power ring'. Sur was one of 3600 members of the 'Green Lantern Corps', overseen by the 'Guardians of the Universe', keepers of the ring's battery source on planet 'Oa'.

Jordan accepts the ring and is ordered to capture 'Sinestro', a renegade Green Lantern using his ring for selfish gain. Jordan defeats Sinestro, gains celebrity popularity, joins the 'Justice League of America' and teams up with "Green Arrow".

In "Superman" #80, 7 million people die when Coast City is destroyed by 'Mongul' and the 'Superman' imposter 'Cyborg'. On the verge of a mental/physical breakdown, Jordan asks for more power from the Guardians, but they refuse and demand he surrender his ring.

An enraged Jordan flies to Oa, killing Green Lanterns that get in his way. But he is finally stopped and forfeits his ring to 'Kyle Rayner'.

After the defeat of Cyborg, Jordan agrees to help Rayner stop the solar-consuming 'Sun-Eater' but dies in the attempt, repeating the oath of the Green Lanterns as he sacrifices himself attempting to rekindle the sun ...