Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Big Screen "Menagerie"...

The 1966 "Star Trek" episode "The Menagerie", will be released theatrically on 300 screens for a one-time showing, November 13, courtesy NCM Fathom, CBS Home Entertainment and

The screening is in support of upcoming digitally remastered TV episodes of "Star Trek".

"The Menagerie", written by Gene Roddenberry, is a two-part episode originally airing November 17 and 25, 1966, starring actors Jeffrey Hunter, Sean Kenney, Susan Oliver, Malachi Throne, Meg Wylie, John Hoyt and Julie Parrish.

Part 1 focused on the fate of 'Kirk' predecessor 'Captain Pike', with 'Mr. Spock' turning himself in to stand trial for mutiny. Part Two followed the subsequent trial, with Spock presenting a visual record of what happened thirteen years ago when the 'Enterprise' commanded by Pike visited 'Talos IV'.

Footage used in Part 2 was taken from the black and white unaired TV pilot of "Star Trek" titled "The Cage"...