Sunday, September 23, 2007

"JLA" Heroes: World Of No Return

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In regards to the 'superhero' character casting of 8 or 9 leads for director George "Mad Max" Miller's upcoming "Justice League" live-action feature, now aiming for a February 2008 start in Sydney, Australia, here is a list of deceased JLA members/associates we know will NOT be appearing in the film:
"Elongated Man", Ralph Dibny
"Steel", Hank Heywood, III,
"Vibe", Paco Ramone
"Blue Beetle", Ted Kord
"Doctor Fate", Kent Nelson
"Ice", Tora Olafsdotter
"Hawkman", Katar Hol
"Hawkwoman", Sharon Parker
"Lightray", Sollis
"General Glory", Joseph Jones
"Maxima", Maxima of Almerac
"Black Condor", Ryan Kendall

"Silver Sorceress", Laura Neilsen"Triumph", William MacIntyre
"Mystek", Jennifer Barclay
"Tomorrow Woman"
"Aztek", Curt Falconer
"Antaeus", Mark Antaeus
"Major Disaster", Paul Booker
"Manitou Raven"
"Sandman", Garrett Sanford
"Jade", Jennie-Lynn Hayden
"Maxwell Lord"