Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Any Way You Cut It, "Wolverine" Is Next...

According to sources, producer Laura Ziskin and Sony Pictures Entertainment are considering the future of more "Spider-Man" movies, with possibly different players on the creative team.

"But the one thing we have answered definitively is: There will be more 'Spider-Man' movies," said Ziskin.

The "Spider-Man" movie franchise has netted upwards of $2 billion in boxoffice receipts, in addition to home video revenue and ancillary ventures.

Meanwhile at Fox, who reportedly have booked up all available studio space in Vancouver, the 2006 feature "X-Men: The Last Stand" appears to have concluded the franchise, but the studio continues to develop comic book-to-film spin-offs including "Wolverine," starring actor Hugh Jackman reprising his character from the "X-Men" movies and "Magneto," following the comic book villain, portrayed as a young mutant.

Also at Fox, the future of "Fantastic Four" is unclear after the second installment, "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," dropped 66% in its second weekend, following a $58.1 million opening. Fox is developing a "Silver Surfer" follow-up and is considering another "Fantastic Four" sequel, but no script is in development.

Fox said it will commit to production on "Wolverine", when star Jackman finishes director Baz Luhrmann's "Australia".

"Wolverine" will be produced by Jackman's Seed Productions.

Writer David "Troy" Benioff is currently on his second draft of the screenplay.

''Wolverine substantiates a feature film," Jackman said.

"He's a really intriguing, mysterious, enigmatic character, à la 'Mad Max', 'Dirty Harry', 'Han Solo' - he's that kind of screen antihero.

"I'd love to get into the origins of that character and find out what he's really made of...

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the script of "WOLVERINE" By David Benioff, with a revision by David Ayer, 102 pages, 06/01/06. The screenplay is reportedly a prequel before the current slate of "X-Men" films, focusing on 'Logan' and the 'Weapon X' program.


In the 1st four pages we meet Logan as a 12 yr old boy, undersized and 'feral' on a rural road on his way home from school. 4 towering high school football players pick on him because Logan’s dad robbed the local truck stop last year.

Logan doesn’t back down as GILMAN punches Logan in the face twice. But the gash on Logan’s face heals itself in front of Gilman, as three bone claws suddenly spring from his hand, serrated and razor sharp. This is the first time that Logan’s bone claws appear to him and he is shocked more than his attackers.

As the football players escape, Logan looks at his bone claws and screams…

…Logan in present day wakes up.

It was a dream from his childhood. His girlfriend, 25-year-old KAYLA SILVERFOX, wakes up beside him and calms him down. He shredded the bed sheets, scratching her by accident.

Logan reminds her they need new bed sheets.

We cut to the INCITING INCIDENT scene at a Carnival in a New England town .

BEAK hangs out in a trailer with SHERRLENE, plays gin and drinks rum. A knock is heard outside the trailer. Beak opens the door and a towering figure in a long black coat looms beside the trailer’s door.

VICTOR CREED (aka 'Sabretooth') is shrouded in the shadows. He grins and his white fangs gleam. Creed has been killing mutants. Beak begs for his life. Creed kills him.

Back at Logan’s cabin in Canada, he smokes a cheap cigar and chops wood.

TWO GOVERNMENT agents in dark suits and black overcoats approach Logan. One of them is STRYKER who was a colonel in the Special Forces. The other is CRISTOPH NORD, aka AGENT ZERO who looks more like a death row convict than a military man. There is bad blood between Nord and Logan.

Stryker wants Logan back, reminding him he is a born warrior. Logan prefers his $18,500 yearly job as a lumberjack and is content chopping down trees because he hasn’t killed anyone in 3 years.

Stryker is putting together a team, best men in the business, men with special qualities like Logan. A team of hunters that go after bad people. Logan refuses. Stryker warns Logan that mutants are being killed. Logan tells Stryker that he can take care of himself. Stryker tells Logan to forget about himself, that his country needs him.

Logan tells Stryker he's Canadian (!) and leaves.

Logan picks up Kayla at her job. She is a schoolteacher. He tells her that Colonel Stryker wants him back and that he refused.

They go back to their cabin and have a moonlit romantic evening .Outside the cabin, something watches from the dark woods, something monstrous, its black talons carving gashes in the trunk of a pine tree.

We cut to the next morning and Kayla drops off Logan at his job at the logging camp. She leaves.

Later Logan and 3 lumberjacks discover a severed bear’s head swarmed by buzzing flies in the sun. Logan says that a bullet didn’t kill the bear, claws did.

On a narrow access road, Kayla drives her truck and nearly collides with a man in a long black coat. The man’s back is turned to the truck, his head bowed. His hair hangs below his shoulders, clotted with dirt, as if he’s been sleeping in the woods for weeks. Kayla leans out of the open truck window. But before she can speak, the man turns. What is most terrifying is his eyes. They are a shark’s eyes. Black and loveless and utterly inhuman. It’s VICTOR CREED.

He walks towards the truck and scrapes his talons over the hood, five parallel gashes carved into the steel.

Back at the timber stand, Logan hears Kayla scream. He runs toward the access road.

Kayla lies dead along the side of the road, a pool of blood spreading beneath her body. Logan cradles Kayla in his arms. He rocks her back and forth, her lifeless body clutched tightly in his arms, his eyes clenched shut. The veins in his neck bulge, every muscle in his body tenses, as if there is a beast inside trying to break free.

We cut to Casady’s Bar & Grill where Victor Creed is enjoying his George Dickel Tennessee whiskey.

Logan walks into the tavern, sees Creed sitting on the barstool and all hell breaks loose.

Creed and Logan brawl for the next 3 pages but the beating is so bad Logan’s healing factor cannot keep up. Creed then crushes Logan’s bone claws and leaves him for dead.

We cut to an emergency room where Logan is brought in. His healing factor saved his life. Stryker is there. Logan wants to know where Creed is. Stryker tells Logan he can find Creed.

Stryker tells Logan that Creed has the list of every known mutant in North America.

We cut to Alkali Lake where a black helicopter lands on a concrete helipad inside the walls of a massive compound.

Logan, Stryker, and Agent Zero roll out of the helicopter.

Next in a surgical prep room, Logan lies naked on his back on an examining table. We meet red-bearded scientist DR. CORNELIUS and Army surgeon CAROL HINES.

Stryker leaves and Hines catches up to him in the corridor. Hines is concerned that Logan might not survive the experiment.

We cut to a surgical theater where Hines and two medical technicians accompany Logan to a water filled plexiglass tank the size of a lidless coffin. One wall of the theater is glass. Behind the glass is the control room, where Stryker looks on. Dr. Cornelius and several support staff enter data into computers monitoring the experiment.

Logan removes his robe and hands it to Hines before stepping into the tank of water. One of the technicians fastens a breathing tube, connected to an oxygen tank to Logan’s mouth. Logan lies down, submerging himself in the cold water. The technician clamps Logan’s wrists and ankles into place with stainless-steel shackles bolted to the walls.

Logan’s eyes are wide open as he watches robotic arms swivel into place, poised above him like a gang of metal vipers.

In the control room, GENERAL MUNSON stands in the back of the room, observing the experiment with great interest. Agent Zero leans against the back wall, bored, cracking his knuckles.

Logan lies underwater as robotic arms descend towards him, needles spinning at high speed, like massive power drills. They churn the water when they enter.

Logan closes his eyes as the needles enter his body.

In the control room, Cornelius gives the order to commence feed.

The technicians enter commands, watching close-up images of the procedure on their monitors.

Logan writhes in the tank as twelve long needles drill into his bones and skull...