Wednesday, July 25, 2007

US Studios Stockpiling Canadian Product ?

According to reports, Canadian studio operators are reporting a 'brisk' business as the major film studios continue to stockpile product ahead of possible US labour strikes.

In anticipation of an October 31 expiry date of their current agreement, the Writers Guild of America is negotiating with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers for a new contract. Most film/TV contracts with the Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild of America will expire June 30, 2008.

Regardless of the close parity of the Canadian and US dollar, Montreal studios continue to ramp up feature production with actor Brad Pitt's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "The Mummy 3."

Meanwhile Toronto's Cinespace Film Studios will get some action with Paramount's September start of "The Love Guru" starring Mike Myers, Twisted Pictures' "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and "The Echo," produced by Don "The Boondock Saints" Carmody.

Also in Toronto, New Line Cinema is filming "The Time Traveler's Wife", Marvel Studios is shooting "The Incredible Hulk," and Christina "Married With Children" Applegate is starring in the Fox Atomic comedy "The Rocker".