Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Rise of the Silver Surfer" Spoilers

According to the recent novelization, here is the storyline of the upcoming Vancouver-filmed, "Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer":


The film opens with the 'Silver Surfer' arriving on Earth and 'Dr. Doom' being awakened by his resulting cosmic energy trails.

Focusing on the 'Fantastic Four', 'Johnny' is still a media darling, 'Reed' preoccupied with scientific pursuits, 'Sue' as beautiful as ever and 'Ben' now more comfortable in his orange-rock skin as 'The Thing'.

At Reed's bachelor party, the military approaches 'Mr. Fantastic' to build a tracking device to home in on the Surfer. Although Reed initially says no, he can't resist the temptation and constructs the device.

At Reed and Sue's wedding, the 'Human Torch' chases the Surfer through skies and tunnels, with Johnny eventually landing in Mexico.

Following his contact with the Surfer, Johnny realizes he now has the power to switch super-powers with the rest of the team.
But when he switches powers with Sue, she burns her clothes off in public.

Meanwhile 'Doom' tracks the Surfer to a lair in Greenland, but suffers a defeat and makes a deal with the military, deducing that the Surfer gets his energy from his cosmic surf 'board'.

With Doom and the FF now working together, they capture the Surfer and take his board away. The military then spirit the Surfer off to a secret government installation, with the board now locked up.

Meanwhile, Reed determines that the Surfer has been to other planets, that somehow 'died' eight days after his arrival.

Doom then manages to steal the surfboard, the FF break the Surfer out of his cell and Reed introduces the Dodge 'Fantasticar'.

During a climatic battle between a surfing Doom and the FF, Sue gets killed by one of Doom's liquid metal spears he shoots from his hand,

Johnny turns into a 'Super-Skrull', using all of the FF's powers and the Surfer 'resurrects' Sue.

In a backstory, narrated to Sue via a bracelet hologram, 'Gah Lak Tus', the cloud-like overseer of the Surfer is introduced as a destroyer of worlds.

He is eventually defeated by the Surfer and Reed and Sue finally get married.