Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sherlock Holmes: Curse of the Banshee

The Sci Fi TV movie "Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Banshee" starts filming next month in Vilnius, Lithuania, written by Brook Durham and Jacob Eskendar, from a story by Tim Cox. Producers are Richard D. Titus and Tavin Marin Titus.

Set in London, England, circa 1888, premise has the city plagued by a series of puzzling crimes, as numerous male victims suddenly die of heart attacks, with postmortems revealing their hearts missing. The only clues to the mystery are scattered eyewitness accounts regarding a 'Lady in White' leaving the scene of each homicide.

Authorities believe the murders are being perpetrated by 'Miss Emily Watson', niece of 'Dr. John Watson', partner to young detective 'Sherlock Holmes'. Watson convinces Holmes to take the case in the hopes of proving her innocence.

Holmes applies his skills of deduction to the investigation, discovering clues leading to an inhuman entity, uncovering an 18th century legend that depicts the same occurrence over one hundred years ago by a creature known as the 'Banshee'.

In the end, the only way for Holmes to stop the creature, is to become a monster, die and be reborn.