Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Mummy 3" Moving To Montreal

According to reports, producers of the $100-million Universal feature "The Mummy 3", will now shoot the movie in Montreal, confirmed by Hans Fraikin, head of the Quebec Film and Television Council.

The film is scheduled to shoot at Cité du Cinéma studio, directed by Rob Cohen.

"I will say, it's not set in Egypt and there is a different mummy, " said Alfred Gough, screenwriter of "The Mummy 3", with Miles Millar.

"It's not 'Im-Ho-Tep'."

It has also been reported that 'Alex O'Connell', the son of protagonists 'Rick' and 'Evy' introduced in "The Mummy Returns", will be in "Mummy 3" as "a young adult."

Universal has scheduled the release of "Mummy 3" for July 11, 2008.