Saturday, April 01, 2006


March 31, 2006

Director David "Scary Movie 4" Zucker will helm Dimension Films' "Superhero!", described as a parody of superhero movies.

The "Superhero!" screenplay is by Craig Mazin, writer of "Scary Movie 3" and "Scary Movie 4".

"Superhero!", in active development for over a year, is now set to be released February 9, 2007.

The action comedy intends to be the "Not Brand Echh" of superhero films, sending-up recent comic book movies including "Batman Begins" and "Fantastic Four".

Producer of "Superhero!" will be Robert K. Weiss. Executive producer is Bob Weinstein of the Weinstein Company.

Zucker, currently filming MOW "Orpheus", is in post-production on "The Untitled Onion Movie".

Besides "Scary Movie 3" and "4", Zucker is also noted as director of the "Mad Magazine" - type movie parodies "Naked Gun", "Top Secret!", "Airplane!" and "Kentucky Fried Movie".


March 24, 2006

Debuting in 1984, Lucasfilm's THX trailer before a theatrical feature presentation is an anticipated part of the movie-going experience, with the THX 'Deep Note' rumble accompanied by the trademark logo signifying the finest in audio presentation.

Now contestants have an opportunity to invent their own take on the famous THX trailer!

THX are inviting all fans and amateur filmmakers to create a brand new THX trailer using the classic 'Deep Note' audio file and THX logo, to be judged in a contest.

Top ten winners will receive an exclusive THX Director's Chair as a testament to their THX talent!

Submissions must be sent by May 23, 2006.


March 29, 2006

Spectacular 3-D segments from Warners upcoming live-action "Superman Returns", based on the DC Comics character, is now set to play in IMAX movie theaters.

Toronto-based IMAX and the Warners studio said they plan to feature 20 minutes of the film in three dimensions when it opens theatrically late June, marking the first live-action, 3-D movie ever on the giant IMAX movie screens.

IMAX enjoyed a strong year by screening big-budget features on eight story screens.

The company said that "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer personally chose segments of the film to show in 3-D.

A visual cue will be given to audiences to put on special glasses, when the 3-D segments are screened.

"Superman Returns" opens June 30, 2006.


March 24, 2006

French actress Eva Green, currently playing author Ian Fleming's secret agent 'Vesper Lynd' in director Martin Campbell's upcoming 'James Bond 21' "Casino Royale" , has now signed on as the celebrity endorsement 'face' of Breil watches.

The company's new slogan is "don' t touch my breil".


March 29, 2006

The controversial film "The Da Vinci Code" will open this year's Cannes film festival May 17, two days before it is released worldwide.

Based on author Dan Brown's novel, "The Da Vinci Code" stars Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Jean Reno, Sir Ian "Magneto" McKellen and Alfred "Doc Ock" Molina.

More than 30 million copies of "The Da Vinci Code" have been sold in about 40 languages.

Despite its reference to historical events and the Roman Catholic Church, the story has been denounced as pure fiction by the church.

Last week Catholic group 'Opus Dei', the clandestine villains of the film, called for the unrated movie to be given an adult rating, saying children should be protected from what it called "insidious" lies about Catholicism.

Budget for the film was reportedly $100 million, using the Louvre Museum in Paris as one of the main locations.

"Happy Together" director Won Kar Wai has been named president of the Cannes festival jury, the first Chinese president in the film event's history.

January 3, 2005

Premise of "The Da Vinci Code", beginning in Paris, France, focuses on Harvard symbologist 'Robert Langdon' (Tom Hanks) who receives a late-night call, telling him the elderly curator of the 'Louvre' museum has been murdered.

Near the body, police find a baffling 'cipher' that Langdon discovers leads to a trail of clues hidden in the works of the great painter 'Da Vinci'.

Langdon joins forces with French cryptologist 'Sophie Neveu' (Audrey Tautou) and learns the late curator was involved in the 'Priory of Sion', an occultish secret society.

In a race through Paris and London, Langdon and Neveu match wits against the faceless enemy 'Silas' (Paul Bettany) who works for 'Opus Dei', a clandestine, religious organization, determined to keep the 'truth' of the Da Vinci Code from ever being revealed to the world.


March 27, 2006

Producer Jerry Weintraub and director Steven Soderbergh will team up on “Ocean’s 13,” the third film in the stylish caper series boasting an all-star ensemble cast headed by George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The announcement was made today by Jeff Robinov, President of Production, Warner Bros. Pictures.

It is expected that additional cast members of the first two movies, including Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, Carl Reiner and Elliott Gould, will also return. Joining the cast this time will be Ellen Barkin, with another starring role to be cast shortly.

The film will be co-financed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. Warner Bros. will distribute worldwide in all territories except Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Greece, where Village Roadshow will distribute.

Principal photography is expected to begin July 21, 2006, in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, from a script by Brian Koppelman & David Levien. Weintraub will produce the Jerry Weintraub Productions – Section Eight production. Jessica Goodman will oversee the production for Warner Bros. Pictures.

“Steven Soderbergh came up with a great idea,” said Weintraub. “Brian and David wrote a terrific script and that made it irresistible, and everyone thought it would be great to get together and make another one of these movies."


March 25, 2006

Frank "The Wedding Singer" Coraci will direct "Hawaiian Dick", a supernatural private eye thriller being produced for New Line Cinema by Practical Pictures' Craig Perry and Quattro Media's Jim Strader.

Based on the 2002 comic book by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin, "Hawaiian Dick" is set in Hawaii, circa 1953, focusing on a big city detective who gets involved with Hawaiian locals trying to track down a missing girl.

Screenplay is by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift of "Freddy vs Jason" fame


March 25, 2006

Actor John "Shadow Of the Vampire" Malkovich will play evil, corporate crime boss 'Constantine' in the upcoming big screen version of role-playing game "The Mutant Chronicles", starring Thomas "The Punisher" Jane.

Malkovich's character will lead a United Nations-style council of four corporation-run countries that routinely pillage Earth's natural resources.

When a marauding army of "NecroMutants" wages a battle against the humans to take control of the planet, Constantine contemplates destroying the Earth , only evacuating his chosen people.

Jane will play 'Maj. Mitch Hunter', a battle-weary, "Aliens"-type Marine who leads the humans in their fight against Constantine.

Edward J. Pressman produces.

The role-playing board game (RPG) "The Mutant Chronicles", introduced in the early 1990's, is set in a 23rd century fantasy world run by 5 major corporations including 'The Brotherhood' and 'The Dark Legion'.

"Mutant Chronicles" was also published as a video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), three novels and the collectible card games 'Doomtrooper' and 'Dark Eden'.

"300" Snyder Looking After Warners "Watchmen" ...

March 25, 2006

According to internet reports, director Zack "300" Snyder will direct Warners upcoming comic book to film "The Watchmen".

Snyder's "300" feature, based on Frank Miller's comic book series is currently in post-production following a Montreal shoot.

December 18, 2005

"The Watchmen" superhero comic book series has been picked up by Warner Bros Pictures for development after being stalled at Paramount.

The property has been in development since the 1980's.

"The Watchmen" crime-conspiracy stories provide a behind the scenes look at the lives of superhero archetypes.

November 2005 the graphic novel was the only 'nonbook' on Time's list of the 100 best novels since 1923.

Premise of "The Watchmen", set in an 'alternate' America, focuses on costumed hero 'Rorschach', who lives a vigilante lifestyle because superheroes have been outlawed.

According to sources, Paramount has the right of first refusal to co-finance the production.

Crowe and Washington Doing Ridley's "American Gangster" ...

Actor Denzel "Training Day" Washington will join Russell "Cinderella Man" Crowe for the drugs and cops feature American Gangster.

Washington has been behind the project for years but costs left the film languishing in 2005 amid fears it would never get made.

Crowe recently joined the cast after reading a revised script.

Premise of the film, based on a true story, to be directed by Sir Ridley Scott of Blade Runner and Gladiator fame, focuses on Washington as a successful New York drug boss who smuggles heroin into the body bags of US soldiers killed in Vietnam, returned by special air to the United States.

"The Simpsons Movie" ...


March 31, 2006

The trailer for "The Simpsons Movie" has now debuted on the big screen, prior to the opening of 20th Century Fox's animated film "Ice Age: The Meltdown".

Release date for "The Simpsons Movie" is now set for July 27, 2007.

The animated 25-second clip opens on a giant 'S', with the narration:

"Leaping his way onto the silver screen, the greatest hero in American history!"

Cut to 'Homer Simpson' in his underwear, sitting on his couch.

"I forgot what I was supposed to say," Homer says.

The TV series created by Matt Groening and developed by James L. Brooks is currently being adapted for the big screen at Film Roman Studios in Burbank.


March 23, 2006

Fox' animated series "The Simpsons" will unveil a 'ive-action' opening sequence, Sunday, March 26 at 8 p.m. EST, according to a Fox spokeswoman.

The cartoon family of 'Bart', 'Homer', 'Marge', 'Lisa' and 'Maggie' will be seen as they would appear in real life, played by lookalike actors.
"I'm just amazed there are people who want to be known for looking like the Simpsons," said Al Jean, the show's executive producer, in a statement.

A team from British network Sky One created and commissioned the live sequence, which will duplicate the series' memorable opening shots of Bart writing on the chalkboard, Homer pulling the nuclear rod out of his shirt and Maggie and Marge at the supermarket.


March 19, 2006

Fox has officially announced that "The Simpsons" has been given a greenlight for its 18th and 19th seasons.

"The Simpsons," is now the longest-running comedy in the history of Fox. The greenlight also means the 400th episode of "The Simpsons" will air in season 18, slated for May 20, 2007.

"I'm especially proud because in its 18th year, 'The Simpsons' has grown from a surly, unpleasant teenager into a responsible adult," said executive producer Al Jean.

James L. Brooks and Matt Groening executive produce "The Simpsons" for Gracie Films and Fox.