Saturday, April 01, 2006

"The Mutant Chronicles"

Actor John "Shadow Of the Vampire" Malkovich will play evil, corporate crime boss 'Constantine' in the upcoming big screen version of role-playing game "The Mutant Chronicles", starring Thomas "The Punisher" Jane:

Malkovich's character will lead a United Nations-style council of four corporation-run countries that routinely pillage Earth's natural resources.

"...when a marauding army of "NecroMutants" wages a battle against the humans to take control of the planet, Constantine contemplates destroying the Earth , only evacuating his chosen people..."

Jane will play 'Maj. Mitch Hunter', a battle-weary, "Aliens"-type Marine who leads the humans in their fight against Constantine.

Edward J. Pressman produces.

The role-playing board game (RPG) "The Mutant Chronicles", introduced in the early 1990's, is set in a 23rd century fantasy world run by 5 major corporations including 'The Brotherhood' and 'The Dark Legion'.

"Mutant Chronicles" was also published as a video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), three novels and the collectible card games 'Doomtrooper' and 'Dark Eden'.