Friday, November 17, 2006

Universal Gets Ready To Do Their "Thing"

Executive producer Ronald D. "Battlestar Galactica" Moore will script a 'companion piece' remake to producer/director John Carpenter's 1982, sci-fi horror feature "The Thing".

The upcoming film will be produced by Strike Entertainment's Marc Abrams and Eric Newman for Universal Pictures. David Foster will executive produce.

In 1938, pulp magazine author John W. Campbell weaved together science fiction/horror with his short story "Who Goes There�", set in a remote outpost in the Antarctic, loosely based on real life explorer Richard Byrd's Antarctic expeditions beginning in 1929.

The fictionalized story focused on the discovery of a frozen alien who comes to life, attacking the station inhabitants, while 'imitating' life forms.

Howard Hawkes adapated the story in the 1951 feature "The Thing (From Another World)", starring actor James "Gunsmoke" Arness as the creature.

In 1982, director Carpenter of "Halloween", "The Fog" and "Escape From New York" fame, remade the film, starring actor Kurt Russell.

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